A WordCamp Cape Town App!

WordPress is great (obviously) and mobile apps are great too, and this year we have Chris Muller presenting a workshop on how to turn your WordPress site into a mobile app. It’s going to be an interesting one for sure and one that I’m particularly excited about.

To get you ready for it, Chris created a proof of concept app for his workshop using data that is relevant to all of us – the schedule for this year’s WordCamp Cape Town! In the workshop he will be showing you how to turn your WordPress site content into a mobile app and this app is the basis for the workshop. It’s a simple app (by design), and it allows you to see the WordCamp schedule along with a handy countdown to the start of the event. Chris will be adding more features to the app over the course of the next week too!

You can get the app for iOS as well as Android by using those links or simply searching for ‘WordCamp CT 2016’ on either platform. Here are a couple screenshots from the app to whet your appetite:

wcapp1   wcapp2